About Us

What We Offer
Train Your English is a multi-level languageculture Podcast. Each month we present a new topic at all three levels of difficulty, beginner, intermediate and advanced. At the beginner and intermediate levels listeners are exposed to simple, yet effective mock conversations designed to take your English to the next level. The advanced level features topics related to Japanese and American culture. We interview experts on Japan, Japanese who have lived abroad, and Expats living in Japan.

Our Story
Launched in the summer of 2017, the concept of Train Your English was born out of a desire to create a podcast that would stand apart from other language podcasts, and deliver to listeners content they can actually use.

Hiro and Joe, both fluent in Japanese and English, have extensive experience living abroad. Through the lens of that experience listeners will be exposed to a unique podcast that features an English conversation presented at three different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Instead of listening to random conversation week after week, listeners of Train Your English will actually build their listening and speaking speaking skills through this unique style of language podcasting.